Thanks to everyone that purchased wristbands in 2005. Because of you we were able to donate nearly $1000 to autism charities! Our Q1 2006 beneficiary will once again be FEAT Southern Nevada.
The IMAGINE Wristband for Autism Awareness

Now Just $1.50/ea. with 25¢ going to our group of autism charities.


Cure Autism Now is bringing the Walk Now event to Las Vegas on May 13, 2006, and the JAX Team is ready to go! If you are from the Las Vegas area and you would like to join our team, click here. If you'd like to sponsor our team with a donation, click here. JAX Managment, Inc. will match the total donation of the team with 10¢ for every dollar!












As the parents of an autistic daughter, we have faced many of the issues that are common to the disorder. We weren't interested in starting up another charity, but we liked the idea of supporting existing charities in some way through our business. For anyone that has attempted to research autism charities, it first of all becomes very apparent that there are a lot, and second that they support everything from direct scientific research grants to summer programs for autistic kids in a specific community.

Thanks to everyone who purchased a wristband, we raised almost $750 for our autism charities in 2005. Feel free to check out our tally board where we keep track of it all. Please consider posting to our Blog, we'd love to hear from you.

While several organizations and companies sell items that support autism charities, many of them simply promise to "donate a portion of the proceeds". We're sure most, if not all, of these are legitimately supporting autism, but we feel that the community would be better served if you knew exactly how much of your purchase is being donated. So in an attempt to show our dedication to this cause, whenever you make a purchase from us through our autism awareness section, you will know exactly how much will be given as a donation; regardless of our profit/loss.

If you know of an Autism Charity that would be interested in receiving our 2006 Q2 benefit, please contact us.

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Help us support our autism charities when you use Amazon.com


Be sure to check out the unique, handcrafted jewelry at JaCor By Design. A new venture by two mom's of special needs kids.


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THANK YOU for helping us further the cause of Autism Awareness

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