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IMAGINE - If you've never heard your child say "Hi Mom" or "I love you!"

    IMAGINE - If you ever had to worry about what your child eats, because she can't stand the feel of food in her mouth or she eats things   that aren't food

        IMAGINE - Your child being happy one minute and in a complete meltdown the next.

            IMAGINE - That you couldn't just "drop her off" at school in the morning, but that you had to spend every day fighting for the services she needs to be successful.

                IMAGINE - Your child not having any friends.

                                ...and that's just a tiny list....

Does the child above look like she could be one of those children?



    IMAGINE - That one day your daughter starts speaking in sentences.

        IMAGINE That she gets invited to birthday parties!

            IMAGINE - That she eats and entire drumstick at Thanksgiving!!

                IMAGINE - That she comes home from school most days, smiling!

                                ....and THAT is just a tiny list...

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