This page is dedicated to the growing number of people who have worked with us throughout the years to help our daughter get to where she is today and continue to help her grow.  It truly does take a village to raise a child, especially a child with a disability.

So to all of you, this page is for you!


Barbara Tanguay - Preschool Teacher-  Barbara was our daughter's preschool teacher for two years.  This was before we had a diagnoses, but we knew there were issues.  Barbara's patience, love and attention made preschool a very successful and fun experience.

The Gilmanton School - Especially to Principal Maureen Delaney, Special Services Mary Paradise and Kindergarten Teacher Donna LaCroix, who made the transition to Kindergarten as smooth as possible, even though our daughter only attended the school for a few weeks.  They made her first "real" school experience a pleasure and provided the support we needed from all sides.

Laura O. Robertson, Au. D - Owner of Audiology Specialists, who recommended we seek services in the first place.

Dr. Michael Olivier Who referred us to one of the best Developmental Pediatricians we could have asked for.

The Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH

Dr. Patricia Andrews, MD

CCSD Child Find, Las Vegas

Nevada PEP

OT's/ST's/Special Education Staff

Our Friends, PBKC

Positively Kids

Karen Siran-Loughery

Virginia Perkins

Parenting Autism -Without this very special group of people I would have lost my mind a long, long time ago.






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